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I was extremely fortunate enough to be introduced to local Berkshire based lifestyle and mummy blogger, Georgie who runs minis and MORE . She is a real inspiration as not only is she a mother of two (with another on the way) she has built up a rather successful blog and social media following. I wanted to find out more about how she manages her blog with being a full-time mum and also see if she has any tips for other bloggers/social media mums out there. Hope you enjoy!


Q1. Georgie, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and your career before you started your blog? Before the blog and motherhood I worked in property – mainly property development and portfolio management in Central London. It was great fun but having a family meant that commuting and the hours did not work so I became a stay-at-home-mum. It is hard going from working and earning your own money to being totally reliant on someone else so it is a big decision for most parents.

Q2. Your Blog, Minis AND MORE is just gorgeous and has some brilliant articles for parents, how long has it been going and what inspired you to start a blog in the first place? Thank you. It was started in 2015 as a hobby. I was suffering for awful “mummy brain” and I wanted to get the little grey cells working again. I knew nothing about blogging and technology so it was a steep learning curve and I still have so much I could learn. However, if/when I go back into the workplace, I hope I can demonstrate I am relatively up to date with how technology works and how it can be used positively.

Q3. How many posts do you aim to deliver each week and how do you choose your subjects? I was posting 5 days a week but then pregnancy number three happened and (unlike my previous pregnancies) I developed Hyperemesis which put a halt to the blog for a while. I am now feeling so much better and aim to post about 2-3 times a week whilst I get back to my “normal” self. I also do take into account school holidays and tend to post less as I have the kids 24/7 and need to remember I am their mum first. I have to be interested in the posts I am writing otherwise I feel readers can tell. There have been many posts I’ve never put on the blog as I just haven’t been able to feel enthusiastic enough about the subject.

Q4. Is your blog for work or pleasure? It is most definitely for pleasure. I have been able to make a small amount of money from affiliate links and sponsored posts but I have to believe in what I am writing about and as I also like discovering small, independent brands who do not have the marketing budgets, I like to be able to support them. I am lucky to be in the position where it can stay a hobby without the pressure of being permanently fixed to my phone or computer and am amazed at people who make a brand/company out of it as it must be non-stop.

Q5. You are very savvy at social media, with nearly 4000 Instagram Followers. It is packed with lots beautiful images, does being creative come naturally to you or do you have to work hard to perfect your feed? As the blog is a hobby, my costs have to be minimal. I pay for hosting from a server company and for the email address but that is it. I love design and art and always feel I could do better and spend more time on the images but I have to balance the family with the blog and therefore be realistic in what I can achieve.

Q6. You have two children and are pregnant with your third, is it hard juggling running a blog with a family?  How do you manage to balance work and family time? It is tough…in a “first world problem” type of way. If you speak to many bloggers who are also parents (whether stay at home or working) they say posts are usually written at night after the family day is done.

Q7. Do you have any tips for aspiring bloggers out there, especially for mums who are looking to achieve a work life balance and be their own boss? If I wanted to turn this into a proper brand I would network more. It would mean more trips to London which I haven’t been able to do with the Hyperemesis. I hope to start attending more Press Days later this year before number three makes an appearance! Don’t expect to be sent free stuff immediately. I like to build trust and relationships with brands. They know who is serious and passionate and who is just in it for what they can get. However, as your following grows you can explain and show how you do put time and effort into what you are doing and it is fair to hope companies will work fairly with you.

Q8. What do you enjoy most about being your own boss? It is great being able to work the hours which suit family life. It is also wonderful being in control of what you do and which brands you work with. Sometimes it would be great to have work colleagues to bounce ideas off but friends are always good at letting you know which posts they have liked!

Q9.  I see you have a channel on YouTube, do you think vlogging is the future for bloggers? I have neglected this as videos take time – it’s not just filming, its the editing which takes time. I think the younger generations expect more videos and instant fixes, which, in a way is a shame but you can’t argue with progress.

Q10. How do you view Social Media, is it to promote your brand or do you use it to further engage your audience? Do you find it eats away at your time? I sometimes absolutely love social media for the interaction and little moments of support and other times feel it can get a bit shallow. I love following a variety of people from fellow bloggers to artists and illustrators but it is good to take a step back sometimes and remember it is not real life.

If you would like to find out more about Georgie visit or see her on Instagram


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