Dinosaur obsessed

I was wondering when it would happen, the wacky toddler obsessions, when all they want is a particular kind of toy and everything in their life revolves around it. I was relieved when Peppa Pig failed to fully grab the imagination of my daughter, she still enjoyed Peppa Pig World, has a few Peppa toys and books and watches the shows but thankfully there are no tantrums when we don’t leave Peppa behind or read the swimming pool story for the umpteenth time. Paw Patrol threatened to take over and whilst we are subjected to watching Netflix daily it hasn’t really crossed over to other parts of our lives.

Everything changed when the children were introduced to dinosaurs by reading an Usborne book.  Since then these ancient creatures have captivated both children and we are constantly being asked to name the species, (have you tried this, quite hard to remember and pronounce!) go on the hunt for them in the garden, accessorise their rooms, read about them every night, dress them in them, play with them, make them, draw them.. you get the picture!

My son is only one years old so can only manage a few words, mama, dada and DINOSAUR being in the vocabulary (it is very cute!). My daughter has surprised me, she showed signs of wanting to be a princess from Frozen, but has made a U-turn and loves these gigantic, fearsome creatures which is roarsome! Its a shame that there aren’t more girls clothes featuring dinosaurs and I do find it a bit frustrating that children’s clothing still relies on gender stereotypes in the mainstream (but that’s a whole other conversation). For now, I’m delighted I’m with their choice of interest, it’s educational, interesting, historical and cool.After all my daughter may be a paleontologist when she is older, who knows!?!

This brings me back to the subject of toddler obsessions, whilst their brains can only take in so much at this age I wonder how long each interest will last and how much to invest in each. It’s my next learning curve and I know I will find it hard to stop getting over-excited that they are taking an interest in something and go OTT indulging them with all the gorgeous things out there. Hopefully this is more than a passing phase and the duvet set and books last longer than a few months, worst case I’ll be able to reuse it on my son in a few years. Let’s hope so anyway. Knowing my luck he’ll be the one into those pink princesses!

So here’s a few dinosaur influenced bits and bobs that we’ve bought and been up to:


This bed set from John Lewis really caught my eye as it is so colourful and my daughter immediately lit up when she spotted it. We are decorating her bedroom so I did need a bedspread so for £18 I thought it wasn’t a bad deal. I also grabbed the blanket.


We were very tempted by this gorgeous wooden dinosaur set from JoJo Maman Bebe but we managed to resist.

IMG_3997Instead I went to the pound shop and found these beauties!  Two sets for £2 – cant be beaten and the children can take them outside and into the bath! Can you name them though?


This was the book that started it all and a sticker book that has saved us from many a restaurant/cafe tantrum! We bought these in WHSmith.

IMG_3996Even playing with plasticine we can incorporate our love for dinosaurs!

IMG_4130Our creative talents  in this house are mind-blowing! Roarsome! Drawing dinosaurs is free, simple and kills half an hour. It also ticks the craft/creative box!

d7353l2This towel will be perfect for our upcoming holiday, and it’s on sale at Jojo Maman Bebe  Currently £16.15. Plus it can double up for fancy dress.

Hope you are enjoying whatever your children are interested in.

Mummy Time Out


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