Why I can’t bring myself to start potty training my toddler

Potty training my first child took 6 months! There were accidents all over the house, it was tiresome. It’s put me off potty training the second until he’s a bit older. What are you experiences with potty training?

The Mummy Bubble

I spend way too much time thinking about, talking about and doing stuff involving bowel movements and urine.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled at the prospect of handling another person’s poo and wee requirements when I was pregnant with my first but I really didn’t think it would be as huge a thing in my life as it has become.

Not a day goes by when me and my husband don’t have some kind of poo-related chat. We may occasionally make a casual comment on wee, but it’s poo that dominates the nappy chat.

Here are some of the things that happen as I find myself obsessing about my children’s messy output:

  • I know both children’s poo faces, and the faces/noises that precede that moment. Come to think of it I actually know when my toddler is pooping even when she’s out of view as she has a very quiet grunting…

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