What’s in a slogan?

It’s just a T-Shirt? Right?

I am inspired to write this after seeing a Tweet today about children’s t-shirts in Morrisons. Innocent enough right? Wrong! In a nutshell, Shelley Roche-Jacques tweeted a picture of child t-shirts in Morrisons, as she was horrified by the messages: “Little Man, Big Ideas,” “Little Girl, Big Smiles” and “King of the Castle,” “Pretty Little Me.” Can you guess which T-shirt was appealling to the girls vs the boys? The story was picked up by the Evening Standard, and the abusive messages and comments were quite disturbing. with lots of anti-feminist blasting and the comments such as: ‘I’m saying it’s a T-shirt and if it stops a girl having a big idea then I don’t think they’d have one anyway’ and ‘let’s walk around in white t-shirts and everyone wear black trousers and shoes because we all need to be the same.’ See @RocheJacques

Please don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions but sometimes I do despair that we are not moving the gender discussion forward and women just get blasted if they call it out! Of course I understand that girls are attracted to pink and pretty things, but I also don’t want my daughter to see continuous mainstream messaging telling her that girls are vacuous little things and boys are the brainstormers. I’m sure Morrisons T-shirts were very attractive and popular and the buyers saw nothing but innocent little slogans when they placed their order. However, it’s just part of the bigger picture where girls are being subjected to messages that collectively puts a greater focus on their looks as their route to success.  So to cheer us all up, I’ve done some research and hand-picked some positive, girl power t-shirts that are available to buy as alternatives. My daughter will be the queen of the castle and her brain will be her source of power, and I hope yours will join her!


H & M

Next 3



TU – Sainsbury’s






H & M






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