Mum squad meet-ups: Picture perfection vs reality

I would be lost without my mummy friends, you are so right about our meandering conversations over the tantrums! As for Gina Ford and other such books … burn them!!

The Mummy Bubble

When I was pregnant with Bubba One I pictured many things through a set of very rose-tinted glasses.

I pictured what the birth would be like, how I would feel afterwards, how I would follow all those oh-so-simple instructions in the baby books and how I would manage day-to-day by floating on a bubble of new mummy joy.

Fast forward two years and two babies later. I would love to go back in time and snicker at my old self, maybe clue myself in to the s**t that’s about to go down. But it is impossible to communicate the reality of parenting to a non-parent. It’s like trying to explain the full plot of Lost to someone who has never seen it. With the island, the polar bears, the crashing plane, the big electromagnetic field nonsense and all the vomit (think that one slipped in from the parenting stuff actually)…

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