The one working mother stereotype you are wrong about

I just love this article!

The Inconceivable Adventures of Parenthood

Let’s talk about mis-perceptions and stereotypes about working mothers.  Here are a few stereotypes that are mostly wrong….

  • Working mothers don’t pay enough attention to their families
  • Working mothers only work because they want to avoid taking care of their children
  • Working mothers look down on stay-at-home mothers
  • It’s impossible to be a good mother and for a working mother be good at their job
  • Working mothers are only working because their husband doesn’t earn enough to let them stay at home

Are your eyes rolling yet??!

And it is this particular one that I want to talk about….

Working mothers must hate that someone else is raising their kid.

I don’t speak for all working mothers obviously, but for me this is very wrong.  Firstly, let’s talk about someone else ‘raising’ our kid.  Chris and I are BOTH raising Aviana, whereas the teachers at daycare are doing what they…

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Made in Basingstoke Festival

So lovely to see lots happening in Basingstoke for kids! We must pop by as it looks like fun

Dear Mummy Blog

Dear Mummy, Basingstoke is my hometown and we are lucky that there’s always lots to see and do. This summer from the 14 July to 13 August 2017 Made in Basingstoke Festival is happening across the town and comprises of four themed weeks entitled Create, Taste, Discover and Make. The Festival will showcase the town’s artists, foods, attractions and people through a comprehensive programme of daily activities to be staged at key attractions, shops, museums and shopping centres across the town.

Made In Basingstoke Festival Review

We were lucky enough to head down on the opening week of the festival for the ‘Create’ week and visited The Malls and Festival Place, our local shopping centres to try out some free activities. On the day we visited we saw some local craft stalls selling handmade products from fine drawings to beautiful ceramics underneath white marquees.

Made In Basingstoke Festival Review

My mummy had the opportunity to participate in an Eco Chalk Workshop at The Malls, which…

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Mum squad meet-ups: Picture perfection vs reality

I would be lost without my mummy friends, you are so right about our meandering conversations over the tantrums! As for Gina Ford and other such books … burn them!!

The Mummy Bubble

When I was pregnant with Bubba One I pictured many things through a set of very rose-tinted glasses.

I pictured what the birth would be like, how I would feel afterwards, how I would follow all those oh-so-simple instructions in the baby books and how I would manage day-to-day by floating on a bubble of new mummy joy.

Fast forward two years and two babies later. I would love to go back in time and snicker at my old self, maybe clue myself in to the s**t that’s about to go down. But it is impossible to communicate the reality of parenting to a non-parent. It’s like trying to explain the full plot of Lost to someone who has never seen it. With the island, the polar bears, the crashing plane, the big electromagnetic field nonsense and all the vomit (think that one slipped in from the parenting stuff actually)…

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Time for Tea – Newbury, Berkshire

I often find myself hankering for a few hours of quality time, without children, to spend with my girlfriends and enjoy a good old fashioned afternoon tea. I've often travelled further afield, however, since living in Newbury and getting better acquainted with the area, I find that we are awash with brilliant options for that... Continue Reading →

Why you can’t force hygge

Hello Hygge

On Tuesday night, it was raining hard, I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and I was reading in bed under my fairy lights. I was fresh out of a ridiculously elaborate bubble bath, and I was so cosy and warm under the covers under the twinkly lights with the wind whistling past my windows. But it wasn’t happening. This wasn’t hygge.

Sometimes I feel like finding out hygge, that intangible feeling you get when everything just feels right, is A Thing, puts pressure on people to experience it. Sometimes people who have just discovered hygge say ‘I’m drinking a cup of coffee in a café, is this hygge?’ or ‘I’m watching a film with my family, is this hygge?’ or ‘I baked bread on Sunday, is this hygge?’. The thing is, none of these activities are intrinsically hyggeligt. But that’s absolutely fine. I very often enjoy these things…

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