It’s Wimbledon 2017!

Photo credit: Carine06, UK

Wimbledon is here!  The action kicks off on the  3rd July until the 15th July. This year it’s all to play for. Serena Williams is on Maternity Leave and the Men’s top four  seem to be a bit off form, especially worrying for Murray who crashed out of Queen’s early. Wimbledon 2017 is set to be an exciting one!

Here’s my guide to making the most of Wimbledon this summer:

  1. SPEEDY WEEKDAY VIEWING: Whilst the children are at school/nursery/enjoying a nap invite a friend around for an Elderflower (or Prosecco!) cocktail and turn on the TV at home. Whilst it may not be the most glamorous experience, the weather can be patchy this time of year and you may get at least an hour or two game time (if you are lucky!). BBC Coverage starts on the 3rd July with Sue Barker, who will be joined by past Wimbledon greats.
  2. WEEKEND GARDEN PARTY: Time to get your game face on and get organised for some serious Wimbledon action. Be prepared and book your online supermarket delivery slot and remember the Pimms, strawberries and BBQ meats as they’ll be popular. A successful event will require tag teaming with The husband/partner to entertain the children so ensure there are lots of things to play with in the garden and that there is a back up TV in another room as CBeebies will be your friend today. Paddling pools need constant supervision, so maybe a sprinkler is safer. Crank up the BBQ, invite round friends or family (best option as back up babysitters)  and set up the TV. You’re then ready to catch the action on the courts and scream at the TV ‘You can’t be serious!’. Most likely it’ll be your children who you are shouting this to.
  3. HEAD TO YOUR LOCAL GYM.  Most gyms will have Wimbledon on the TV either in the lounge areas or on those clever little TV’s on the equipment in the gym. If you are lucky they may offer creche or other sessions for children. So either sit back with a coffee or hit the treadmill/bike and sweat it out with the stars. This is not the time for body pump classes!                                                                                                                                    Local gyms include:
    1. David Lloyd Newbury  (free membership until 1st August)
    2. Nuffield Fitness and Wellbeing
    3.  Northcroft Leisure Centre
  4. TRY YOUR LUCK AND HEAD TO WIMBLEDON! If you failed to secure tickets through the ballet (sign up in December for 2018) fear not, all is not lost. You still have the opportunity to attend Wimbledon itself, it’ll just take a bit more effort, money and childcare. If money is no object then it is possible to purchase a hospitality ticket for around £600pp from Get me in or Keith Prowse or try Ticketmaster at 9am the day before for Centre Court tickets. People queue up outside Wimbledon Park, Church Road side, each evening with their tents and roll mats to try and nab tickets to the courts or General Admission and access to Henman Hill/Murray Mound. Once inside there is still a chance of grabbing a courtside seat at 3pm. Here’s a really handy guide from The Telegraph to help you plan your perfect Wimbledon experience.

 5.  DAY OUT IN LONDON. Grab some girlfriends and jump onto the train for central London (local trains from Newbury, Whitchurch, Thatcham or Basingstoke into Waterloo or Paddington – check here). A number of establishments are setting up big screens and outside bars for your viewing (and drinking!) pleasure. Make sure you have either a nominated driver or taxi home and you are set for the day, uninterrupted!  Here’s a great guide to places to head to in London. Big Screens in London . My pick is One Chance, St Paul’s.

So get your game on and have a blast enjoying Wimbledon this Summer!

If you are interested in picking up a tennis racquet and live in West Berks I’ll be listing places to try tennis on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Please follow!

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